Just for fun, The Case Books of Octavius Bear swap anthropomorphic animals for humans and then put them through their paces in an alternate world that is very, very similar to our own 21st century Earth. Homo Sapiens disappeared in a long ago global disaster but many surviving animal species matured, transformed and advanced in very familiar ways. That’s why a wallaroo can fly a helicopter, a bear breeds bees, a pack rat manages a museum and a cheetah will pilot a boat and wreck a sports car. Plus, a meerkat can be a narrator.

This first tongue-in-cheek story, The Open and Shut Case, starts with the disappearance of a world famous sapphire sending super sleuth Octavius Bear and his companions on a wild duck chase after his nemesis, Imperius Drake, a loony Mandarin who with his two minions, Chita and Bigg Baboon, is set on world conquest. On the way to a grand and almost catastrophic climax at a plush Las Vegas hotel, there are romantic interludes, hi-tech wonders, violence, slapstick, historical and scientific notes and silly limericks that open every chapter.

This may sound like the stuff of children’s stories. Nope! These tales are really aimed at adults who still have fun-loving girls and boys living inside them. You? As for genres, they’re hybrids – mostly mystery, part detective pastiche, part sci-fi and fantasy sprinkled with occasional bits of social commentary and lots of off-the-wall foolery. I hope they provide enjoyment to you all. Now, let’s take those interior kids for an outing!


The Open and Shut Case now available as an eBook!


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Open and Shut Case